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TOP 10 of 2013



What an exhilarating year for our fave stars…join us, friends, as we countdown…and officially launch our new “home” of the globally acclaimed Blog, FOREVER 5th DIMENSION…our 5th Anniversary celebration!


Robert-Allan Arno

Biographer– The original 5th Dimension & LaMonte McLemore


*10.  Patrice Morris, the gifted soprano member of The 5th Dimension featuring Florence LaRue balances her thriving career in inspirational music ministry with her contribution to the current quintet.  She says with conviction while thanking fans, “The greatest reward is to see a smile on someone’s face when you do something special for them!” 

*9.  Arsenio Hall mentions The 5th Dimension on his talk show revival, teasing an audience section who seemed classy yet reserved as “…probably devotees of Motown music and 5th Dimension tunes!”  Remember, The original 5th Dimension’s legendary reunion was featured by Arsenio back in ’91.

*8.  The new coffee table book, “Soul Train: The Music, Dance & Style of a Generation” by Questlove contains a cute photo of Marilyn & Billy on page 109, appearing on the show circa The ‘70’s, with The 5th!

*7.  The 5th shine on PBS:  The original 5th Dimension performing “One Less Bell to Answer” in a retro clip is prominently showcased on the My Music:  Bacharach‘s Best special throughout 2013.  Marilyn McCoo co-hosts the spectacular (with TJ Labinsky) employing the same magical verve with which she previously hosted “Solid Gold.”  Moreover, in the American Masters docu on impresario David Geffen, clips of The 5th performing “Sweet Blindness” (with Frank Sinatra) are spotlighted in the segment about David’s development of singer-songwriter, Laura Nyro.

*6.  Florence LaRue is the toast of New York City in May with her sold out show, “Jazz a LaRue” at the posh Metropolitan Room, she receives standing O’s and rave reviews.  A few days later, while attending Motown the Musical, the number one Broadway play, Florence and Robert spy The 5th Dimension included on the lobby’s vast, golden Wall of Fame heralding all those who recorded for Motown.  During an impromptu photo op, a crowd gathers around Florence, giving various kudos for the timeless diva; said Florence about the wall, “How excitingly unexpected;  this is for the latter day albums we did at Motown, ‘Star Dancing’ and ‘High on Sunshine!’”

*5.  Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr. release on their own label a sizzling double volume Live CD in Oct. featuring all the hits and new, re-vamped surprises like “California Soul,” “Easy Way Out,” “Gotta Get You Into My Life” and even their version of tunes by Alicia Keys and Lady Antebellum (available now at  A review from FOREVER 5th DIMENSION is upcoming, at this site at the dawning of the new year!  Also earlier in the year, Collector’s Choice re-issues 2, 70’s MarBill duet classics, “The Two of Us,” and “Marilyn & Billy.”

*4.  LaMonte McLemore announces on his birthday in Sept. that his long-requested autobiographical memoir will be released in ’14, titled FROM HOBO FLATS to THE 5th DIMENSION:  A Life Fulfilled in Baseball, Photography and Music.  Robert-Allan Arno is the as-told-to author of this “ 5th historic,” inspiring and humor-filled work featuring lots of celeb stories and Mac’s rare photos, too.  Mac and Robert plan to tour with the book by spring ’14.

*3.  The 5th Dimension featuring Florence LaRue tour to consistent sold-out crowds all over the country from the NY State Fair to LA– today’s members Patrice Morris, Willie Williams, Floyd Smith and Leonard Tucker along with “Delightful Diva” and leader, Florence maintain the quintet’s authentic sound and blaze new trails. Florence beams, “Our many hit songs still make people happy, their reaction is priceless!”

*2.  Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr. tour all year, appearing from intimate cabaret venues to large concert halls to outstanding reviews, the best of their careers.  The duo also developed a Christmas tour which they plan to expand in ’14.  MarBill exclaim, “We truly love bringing fans our varied musical autobiography…our roots!”

*1.  The 5th Dimension prevail on REWOUND RADIO’s year-end Top 77 of all time with tunes like “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In,” “One Less Bell to Answer” and “Stoned Soul Picnic” charting high, “among the biggest acts on our survey” according to REWOUND.  Moreover, Robert-Allan Arno orchestrates Marilyn, Billy, Florence and LaMonte to each record fresh promos for the event, now heard through New Year’s Day at

*There’s an “ultra #1,” and it’s all yours…whatever you dream for our stars as we look forward to a bright and blessed new year and THANK YOU, our special family of fans and friends, for your “forever” support and enthusiasm!

With special thanks and love to Marilyn & Billy, Florence, LaMonte & Mieko, The Townson Family, Patrice, Joyce, Bones and Randall.


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