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5th History Meets Beatles’ 50th…

THE FIFTH DIMENSION“Some nicknamed The 5th Dimension ‘The Black Beatles’…like the Beatles, every fan, whether black or white, knew our individual first and last names,” proudly observes LaMonte McLemore in his upcoming for ’14 memoir, FROM HOBO FLATS TO THE 5th DIMENSION. Florence LaRue noted, too, “Our manager Marc Gordon had that ‘Beatles’ vision’ for us.”

TICKET TO RIDE (besides ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE in The 5th’s LIVE “Love Medley” and “I’ve Got a Feeling” from the rare EARTHBOUND album) is the most memorable 5th Beatles’ cover, as featured on the MAGIC GARDEN. As many know, the tune was recorded pre-GARDEN and was tacked onto “side one” of the album’s hypnotic song cycle. Nevertheless, TICKET remains a funky fan fave and a group member favorite romp, too—The original 5th performed it in their reunion tour of the 90’s and Marilyn McCoo has been known to do a solo version of it from time to time.

Enjoy TICKET as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ “arrival;” also Ms. LaRue mentioned in a recent interview, she’ll be celebrating her very own 50th with The 5th Dimension, next year.

Robert-Allan Arno
Biographer, The original 5th Dimension/LaMonte McLemore

LINK to TICKET TO RIDE by THE 5th DIMENSION: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDHNysc-Tkk

Also explore Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr.’s jazzy take on “Gotta Get You Into My Life” from their new LIVE CD plus their spicy version of “We Can Work It Out” from their recent THE MANY FACES OF LOVE CD, available at their website:  http://www.McCooDavis.com

Note:  Press rare photo above to enlarge.  (Arno 5th Legacy Collection, all rights reserved)

Bonus!  Some relative remarks from our friends on Facebook:

  • Renee T Armstead Wow! I can’t wait for this book to come out!!
  • Traci Townson Me too!!
  • Antonio Pereira The 5th blew my mind with their version of Cream’s ‘Sunshine Of Your Love” as well.
  • Robert-Allan Arno …and honorable mention to “Every Night,” a post-Beatles, McCartney 5th cover…huge fan/personal fave from “Love’s Lines”…MarBill and the group close the album leaving us wanting more!
  • Renee T Armstead I also LOVE the version of the Stones’ “Moonlight Mile.”  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing when I got that album.