MARILYN & BILLY’S WORLD: The hits n’ rarities of McCoo & Davis


MARILYN & BILLY’S WORLD: The hits n’ rarities of McCoo & Davis


The silky voice of the beautiful Marilyn McCoo, the soulful stylings of the dapper Billy Davis, Jr., as a duet they keep their individuality yet can sound as one, from smooth moves to easy-funky grooves, always with “champagne soul” and lotsa’ inspiration! “What comes from the heart, goes to the heart,” says Sir Davis, “You gotta tell the story!” smiles La McCoo. Celebrating 45 years of marriage in July ’14, FOREVER 5th DIMENSION toasts the Grammy-winning dynamic duo and leading alum of The 5th Dimension with the best of our productions, their rarities and beloved hits from television, recordings, select solos, more. Marilyn & Billy say, “Robert, we appreciate you and the role you’ve played in our career, in our lives.”  –Robert-Allan Arno

(Biographer of The original 5th Dimension and group founder LaMonte McLemore, Arno writes the popular FOREVER 5th DIMENSION blog on WordPress, penned liners for ’14’s new “Playlist: The Best of The 5th Dimension” on Sony Legacy and ULTIMATE 5th DIMENSION on Sony-BMG Legacy. He’s the as-told-to author of McLemore’s autobiographical memoir, FROM HOBO FLATS TO THE 5th DIMENSION due for holiday season ’14.)


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