The Gentlemen of The 5th Dimension– Billy, Ron & LaMonte

sinatra and guysThe Gentlemen of The 5th Dimension– Billy, Ron & LaMonte*

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“The guys are my brothers, we laughed, loved, fought, cried and made beautiful music together,” says LaMonte “Mac” McLemore, founder of Grammy-winning legends, The 5th Dimension in his upcoming for Christmas ’14 memoir FROM HOBO FLATS TO THE 5th DIMENSION. Billy Davis, Jr. seconds the emotion, “Our fans are like family, but we, the original members of The 5th Dimension are truly family…the men all hail from Saint Louis.” Classically-trained, the beloved late Ron “Sweets” Townson finally got his gem un-vaulted a few years back with the theme from LOVE STORY, featured in this playlist. Mac penned the fan fave A LOVE LIKE OURS and talks extensively about it in his book. Billy’s emotional interpretation of Sam Cooke’s A CHANGE IS GONNA COME is the gold standard. As we salute the gentlemen of The 5th Dimension with our select YouTube playlist, don’t forget Sony Legacy’s freshly mastered CD, “Playlist:The Very Best of The 5th Dimension” due May 27th, I was honored to pen its liners and compile the 14 tunes with Marilyn & Billy, Florence and Mac.

–Robert-Allan Arno, Biographer–The original 5th Dimension & LaMonte McLemore

Photo:  Sweets, Billy & Mac singin’ & swingin’ with Sinatra, press to enlarge


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