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Special Thanks to Bob Radil of Rewound Radio…

It was an honor and pleasure to appear tonite (who says Fri. the 13th AND a full moon is NOT cool?!) with gentleman of radio hosts, Bob Radil of Rewound Radio.  His Friday night “60’s/70’s Show” is a soothing yet exhilarating fave even when I’m not on the show!  It was glorious fun to talk all things “The 5th Dimension” including the group’s latest, exciting compilation for Sony, “Playlist: The Very Best of The 5th Dimension,” for which I co-compiled tunes and wrote liners.  It’s already a huge seller…wow!

To those Rewound listeners who may be stopping by to the Blog, post-show…please scroll down for links as to where you can easily purchase the CD at WalMart, CD Universe or Amazon. And for more information on the stars, please visit their websites:

For Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jrhttp://www.mccoodavis.com

(or go to their Official Facebook page)

For The 5th Dimension, today, featuring Florence LaRuehttp://www.thefifthdimension.org

For Florence LaRue, her solo endeavors:  http://www.florencelarue.com

For LaMonte McLemorehttp://www.lamontephotography.com

My best to all and an “Up-Up and Away!”  Stay tuned to FOREVER 5th DIMENSION!

Robert-Allan Arno

Biographer, The original 5th Dimension & LaMonte McLemoreImage

“Playlist: The Very Best of The 5th Dimension” is available at:

WalMart, CD Universe and Amazon, respectively–




Don’t forget to check out Rewound Radio at:  http://www.rewoundradio.com

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