We Remember Casey Kasem…

The 5th Dimension Family is saddened by the passing of legendary “American Top 40” host, Casey Kasem.  Reflecting back, wasn’t it thrilling for we who got to listen first-hand each Sunday to Casey’s account, week-by-week of how “(Last Night) I Didn’t Get to Sleep at All” was ascending the chart…just to hear him say “Marilyn McCoo,” was a bonus!  And later, he gave us the scoop on “You Don’t Have to be a Star (To be in My Show),” Marilyn & Billy’s Disco era, sweet-Soul mega-hit.  (Note:  We also recently lost Don Davis, the renown producer of “Star.”)

LaMonte McLemore reminds, “Casey, just like Dick Clark and Don Cornelius, was a very good friend to The 5th Dimension, in fact, he attended our induction ceremony, when we received our star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.”

As well, Casey–a quintessential gentleman with a  witty sense of humor– gave me a gloriously heartfelt quote about the group for my ULTIMATE 5th DIMENSION liner notes, one I use to this day as biographer:

“The 5th Dimension stood in a class by themselves.”  –Casey Kasem

God bless his legacy.  —Robert-Allan Arno



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