A Special Message from “MarBill…”

Robert, thank you for the beautiful way you celebrated Billy’s birthday this year at Forever 5th Dimension. The tribute you wrote to him acknowledging his God-given gift, the many special comments from some of the top people in our business recognizing his matchless talent, then sharing the gentle, caring human being you know him to be–this is something that touched Billy so deeply and means so much to him. And to our special fans and friends who shared their own favorite Billy performances, he loved reading every word; they were so moving.

We thank you again, Robert, for your years of dedication to Forever 5th and MarBill. As we’ve told you many times before, you are a true blessing in our lives. Thank you for the photos, the stories and the memories, old and new.

God bless. We look forward to seeing everyone again, soon!


Marilyn & Billy

Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr.



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