Lines of Love from Marilyn & Billy…


Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr. never fail to show their support of our endeavors here at FOREVER 5th DIMENSION, in fact, it was in their suite, post-show at Manhattan’s Cafe Carlyle, where “MarBill” gave their blessing to the concept of FOREVER 5th, 6 years ago.  Today, I’m so pleased and honored to share two correspondences, one from Marilyn, one from both Marilyn & Billy, about our recent coverage of Marilyn’s birthday (Sept. 30th), and the duo’s receipt of the prestigious Gordon Parks award last week, respectively.  Marilyn & Billy are ever a “bright light” to us all–from their artistic integrity, to the example they set with their marriage and faith, to their genuine care for their fans & friends, “we love them so, we always will…”  Robert-Allan Arno

 Marilyn writes about “The Marilyn Solos…”

Dear Robert & Fans,

Thank you for that oh, so special piece, “The Marilyn Solos” written for my birthday as a tribute to the songs I’ve recorded over the years. Reading the songs mentioned with the comments from so many friends of the group and Billy & me brings a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes. Through the years, the times we’ve all spent together and the loyalty displayed by our true, true fans and friends are so moving; special memories like these have a value that words cannot express. The comments from Bones Howe mean so much to me coming from him–the man with the golden ears.

We always wonder what our fans think about our work and what their own favorites are from among the projects we’ve delivered. It was wonderful to read them along with their own recollections of those times in their lives.

And you, Robert, no one can weave all of those elements together in a superb lyrical tapestry like you do. You have a way with words that is truly God’s gift to you. The photo collage is a sweet addition to the whole piece (How many years are represented there?!) Thank you for the idea and execution of a such a concept–a most special birthday gift.


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From Marilyn & Billy about The Gordon Parks Awards…

Hi Robert,
We were so pleasantly surprised when, at the Gordon Parks “Weapon of Choice” Awards event at Fort Scott Community College this past weekend, a special piece was played as an introduction to our interview with the students, teachers and members of the community.  It had been selected as the “perfect way to open our program” by Jill Warford, the Exec. Director of the Gordon Parks Museum/Center for Culture and Diversity (that’s a mouthful, isn’t it, but the best way to give her her “props!”  She’s done a beautiful job with the Center, an incredible reminder of Gordon’s innumerable accomplishments in his lifetime.)   As we sat there and watched the video, we began thinking, “This feels like Robert. If this is from him, won’t he be surprised that he’s playing a significant part in this tribute to us??”  When we saw your credit come up, we said, “We knew it!”  You were there with us, just as you were in person at the Friars’ Tribute…well, not exactly the same…but your presence was definitely felt!
It was a wonderful weekend.  The people were so warm and really made us feel welcomed.  They enjoyed our interview, and especially appreciated our testimony about how the Lord continues to play a significant part in our lives.  It was an experience we will carry with us.  Thank you for your part, even if you didn’t know it.  You’ve done so many beautiful tributes to us over the years, we felt so good to see one of them being enjoyed by people who have little knowledge of all the things we’ve done that you laid out so beautifully in “You Make Me Feel Brand New”.
We had to let you know how delighted we were, and as always, how much we appreciate you!!
Billy & Marilyn
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  1. From our fans on Facebook…

    Renee T Armstead
    — Robert, that was so wonderful to read! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!!

    Alain Baptiste— Mariette and I enjoyed reading these feel-good letters from Mr and Mrs Davis, thanks Robert-Allan.

    Loretta Sorensen
    — Oh Robert those are such beautiful letters from dear Marilyn and Billy! This was a nice surprise to get to read tonight!

    Susan Aglio
    — These letters were so beautiful! They warmed my heart on this Sunday morning. Thank you to Marilyn and Billy for writing them and thank you, Robert, for working your magic to keep all of us connected to them! You are truly a blessing!

    Deniserose Torres— Thank you for sharing these beautiful letters and for allowing us the opportunity to share with Marilyn & Billy and their fans all the wonderful memories we hold and the new experiences we have.