Bringing People Together

Nov. 8, 2014–As biographer of The original 5th Dimension and LaMonte McLemore, I was recently telling Billy Davis, Jr. that the phrase I like to use is “The 5th Dimension brought (and bring) people together in unity, through their essence of harmony.”  Billy smiled, thought quietly in his pastoral way, and responded with his inimitable energy, “You got it!”  It’s an exciting time as Marilyn (McCoo) & Billy soon embark on their select “Solid Gold Christmas” tour, Florence LaRue & The 5th Dimension are already planning their Champagne Soul ’15 touring schedule, and LaMonte McLemore & I anticipate the release of his sizzling memoir, FROM HOBO FLATS to THE 5th DIMENSION, right at the launch of the new year–friends, you should see the cool cover…and ALL the rare photos…not to mention the 12 carefully themed and celeb & music-studded chapters!  As his as-told-to author, I can attest that “Mac” doesn’t quit until he makes you laugh…and think!

In the spirit of ‘bringing people together,” here’s a compendium of special items that have come into FOREVER 5th, let’s call it our November scrapbook,  that I’d like to share with you today.  Simply, ENJOY!  —Robert

SHARING 6You may recall the artist Kenneth Green‘s incredible painting of Marilyn & Billy for their 40th anniversary; today here’s a special rendering from Kenny’s sketch book of fave musical artists– it’s The original 5th Dimension in classic pose. Such wonderful work!

sharing 5It’s lovelies Marilyn & Florence, circa late ’60’s, sharing photos as we present this awesomely & adorably rare photo-find! (Courtesy of our friends at the Blog: PopBopRocktilUDrop)

SHARING 3Did you know, Marilyn & Billy recently visited the Center for Unsung Heroes in Fort Scott, Kansas?  Read more at: 1SHARING 2Number 1 in our hearts–last but certainly not least, from our friends at The Wrecking Crew, the marvelous, famed musicians who backed The 5th Dimension & so many others, in the studio: “On this date, November 8, 1969, ‘Wedding Bell Blues’ by The 5th Dimension hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and became their second #1 hit in the US. The song was written by Laura Nyro, and the record produced by Bones Howe.” And here’s to our sweethearts, Marilyn & Billy, married 45 years!

>For Marilyn & Billy’s Christmas touring schedule: or visit their Official page on Facebook

>For Florence & The 5th Dimension’s schedule:

>Visit LaMonte on Facebook, new website coming soon!

(FOREVER 5th DIMENSION, copyright ’14, The Soul of the Voice, Ltd., photos/portrait credits as attributed above.)


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