It’s July 5th Time!

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Longtime “5th Dimension fan,” Brian Medoro just quipped as we were wishing each other a good summer, “Well you know, we 5D folks always celebrate the 5th, not the 4th!” alluding to the famous “July 5th Album,” a melange of memorable tunes Marilyn McCoo cutely referred to as, “our not so greatest hits!”mar solo shot 

And thus at FOREVER 5th DIMENSION, our “summer of love ’15” begins, as LaMonte McLemore just referenced to cheers at his smash book-signing event at Ashford & Simpson’s Sugar Bar in NYC: “Above all, The 5th Dimension always stood for love!” I co-hosted the evening with “Mac,” and we had a blast with our on-stage chat, then taking questions from the charming audience of long-time fans and special friends.  Mac’s media tour had him literally talking to top morning show radio hosts all over the country, from Jimmy Howes in greater New Jersey, to Freddie Bell in the Twin Cities, to the “Mojo” in Philly, not to mention Teddy Smith in NYC as well as the iconic “Cousin Brucie” on Sirius…with more media and signing stops to come throughout ’15.  According to Mr. Mac, “People have asked me to write my memoir for years…and judging by our 5-star reviews, the timing is just perfect!”  As his “as told to author,” I concur!  master 11

And summer ’15 leads to an important fall milestone, October to be exact, as Florence Now RareFlorence LaRue celebrates her 50th year with The 5th Dimension, hard to believe of the age-proof glamour girl, but true!  And don’t forget to check out Florence and The 5th’s (Patrice, Willie, Leonard & Floyd) sizzling summertime Champagne Soul tour schedule at  RARE ALTERN 5th

Oh, and guess what, in late July, our Blog will celebrate its 7th anniversary while “MarBill” aka McCoo & Davis celebrate their 46th year of marriage!  We’ll be doing something very special for the FOREVER 5th anniversary…some “lovin’ stew” is truly cookin’…stay tuned!

Happy Birthday Billy CollageBut for now, we leave you with our link to “What Comes From Our Hearts,” saluting Billy Davis Jr.’s birthday the other day, with some wonderfully creative input from you, the fans.  It’s also now featured on Marilyn & Billy’s official website:  You’ll see the compendium of “results” at:

Sunshine, Picnics, Balloons and Blessings Always,
Robert-Allan Arno, Biographer–The Original 5th Dimension and LaMonte McLemore

book coverAnd remember, LaMonte’s hit memoir as told to Robert is available now on Amazon…”From Hobo Flats to The 5th Dimension“:

THE FIFTH DIMENSIONBonus!  Enjoy The Original 5th Dimension perform our National Anthem, yes, perfect for the day before “the 5th,” Independence Day, it’s a FOREVER 5th vid exclusive at:


2 responses to “It’s July 5th Time!

  1. I give this book/memoir “Ten Stars…” out of a possible “Five”……Outstanding!!!!!!

    It’s an easy and enjoyable read. If you love the 5th Dimension and want to get a real feel for the band, enjoy a few laughs, and get to know LaMonte, this is a must read. I have read hundreds of books about music. I literally couldn’t put this book down…..”From Hobo Flats To The 5th Dimension: A Life Fulfilled” is a masterpiece.

    Lamonte and Robert-Allan have captured a rare chemistry together here!

    Jimmy Howes

  2. Jimmy, “thank you” is not enough, this is a cherished review and I know LaMonte will be beaming when I share with him. More than such kind enthusiasm, this type of communication is a true blessing to “Mac” and I. You know, in turn we are big fans of your stellar work on WGHT…and always!

    With great appreciation,

    Robert and LaMonte