Merry 5th-mas Viewing! (2016 update)


As biographer of The Original 5th Dimension and LaMonte McLemore, I’ve often been asked why The 5th didn’t record a Christmas album or one “major holiday perennial.”  I went right to our pal, Bones Howe (The 5th’s Dimension’s Grammy-wining producer) for some insight:  “Robert, perhaps it was an oversight, but the group was so busy on the road and on TV, that my time with The 5th in-studio was very select…my focus was on getting hits and cohesive albums for them.”  LaMonte adds, “It’s my one regret, Robert. Studio sessions were of utmost importance to The 5th Dimension, we just couldn’t find the right time with our busy schedules to give a Christmas recording the justice it deserved.”  

And so friends, here’s an array of Christmas goodies post-Original 5th days, starring Marilyn McCoo, Florence LaRue, Marilyn & Billy Davis, Jr., and The 5th Dimension (today) from various TV appearances over the years! *Bonus: And Marilyn & Billy add new special commentary to the festivities, exclusively for FOREVER 5th!


Marilyn with Donna Summer, “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”

FLOR CHRISTMASHoliday Greetings from Florence LaRue & The 5th Dimension:

marilynmccoo-billydavisjr NEW SESSION ALTMarilyn & Billy, “Mary Did You Know?”:

*Marilyn & Billy share:  “This is a personal favorite of ours!  We think this song may resurface again, perhaps in another format–we like it so much!”


Florence sings “My Grown-Up Christmas List” Live on West Coast Praze:

Recorded as a limited edition single over a decade ago, Florence expressed these sentiments: “The lyrics just spoke to my heart. More than ever, during this holiday season, we all need songs of healing and hope. ‘My Grown-Up Christmas List’ is just that anthem.”


Marilyn, Christmas in Washington, “Sweet Little Jesus Boy”:

*Marilyn mentions:  “This performance was a cherished moment.”


A Solid Gold Christmas (many parts!) starring Marilyn McCoo and special guests Andrae Crouch, Crystal Gale, Laura Branigan, Sister Sledge, Marie Osmond, more:

Marilyn & Billy with Mel Torme, “Jingle Bells” plus a “Sleigh Ride” bonus:
*MarBill express with enthusiasm–
Billy: “This was from a PBS special.  Working with Mel was a highlight of our careers! “
Marilyn:  “I mean as former members of The 5th Dimension, we didn’t want to not be on top of our harmony game! (both laugh) Mel’s spontaneity and creativity really kept us on our toes!  We were challenged…”
Billy: “…and very pleased with the outcome.”

Some cute holiday dancin’ fun with The Original 5th Dimension (from Forever 5th Dimension and Jib-Jab!): 


*Marilyn & Billy sum it up so beautifully:  “Robert, you’ve provided links to some of the lesser known but truly important (artistically) performances our our careers.  Thank you for the time, thought and energy you put into the chronicling of Florence’s, LaMontes’, Ronald’s and our lives.  You are a blessing!”

Fans & friends, thank you for “tuning in” to the FOREVER 5th DIMENSION blog, entering our 9th year.  The continued enthusiastic support from you and our stars–Marilyn & Billy, Florence, and LaMonte is both heartwarming and exhilarating! It’s been an exciting year, and we’ll be featuring our “Greatest Hits of 2016” countdown right here, between Christmas & New Year. 

With Holiday Warmth,

Robert-Allan Arno



It’s a holiday tradition, Marilyn McCoo’s White Christmas, available at

ItLaMonte Xmas Santa

(Forever 5th Dimension by Robert-Allan Arno, a production of The Soul of The Voice, Ltd., copyright ’08-16, intellectual property, all rights reserved.)


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