Remembering Maurice White

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FOREVER 5th DIMENSION expresses prayerful sympathies on the loss of Maurice White, founder of legends Earth, Wind & Fire. In his memoir, FROM HOBO FLATS TO THE 5th DIMENSION, LaMonte McLemore noted how all the up & coming artists, from The Temptations, to The 5th Dimension, to Earth, Wind & Fire, would pool their monies and their dreams, staying at “Hobo Flats” as a supportive launch pad to their mutual successes. Moreover, in my liner notes to The Ultimate 5th Dimension CD, producer Bones Howe shared this about the hit, “Stoned Soul Picnic”: “Maurice White confessed to me that when he heard ‘Stoned Soul,’ it quote, did it for him! It inspired him to form Earth, Wind & Fire!”

Maurice White, his unparalleled vision and artistry are eternal.

Robert-Allan Arno


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  1. Great artist! Eternal in our memories.