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Dimension 5ive!

Spring 2016 is here and our favorite stars are as busy as ever with “today’s projects!”  MB 1Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr. who by the way, will be celebrating 47 years of marriage this coming July, are happily touring with both their acclaimed concerts plus special Broadway-like retrospective, “Up, Up and Away–a Musical Fable.”  By fan request, East coast appearance dates this spring!

COOL 5th BODY NOW THREEFlorence LaRue & The 5th Dimension (Patrice Morris, Willie Williams, Leonard Tucker and Floyd Smith) sell out vast crowds wherever they take the stage with their exciting evening of harmonious n’ hip “Champagne Soul.”  The timeless Florence is celebrating 50 years with The 5th! And just in–they’ll be performing in the Philippines this May!

Vegas Mac Glover TwoLaMonte McLemore has added to the accomplishment of his hit memoir which I had to pleasure and honor to co-author (“From Hobo Flats to The 5th Dimension: A Life Fulfilled in Baseball, Photography and Music”) with a fun joke book and a new inspiring tune, “If I Could Fly.”

Now, here’s a little more “Dimension 5ive” news (before I give you links to all the above)…from a classic golden jingle to thoughts from Patrice and Toni, to celebrating Bones and remembering Frank, Jr….and thank YOU, fans & friends, for being part of “Forever 5th Dimension!”  —Robert-Allan

RARE 101 closeupIt’s a “Great Golden Day!”  New, from the FOREVER 5th DIMENSION YouTube page, our production of the retro Coca Cola jingle circa ’68…very much in the genre of the “Stoned Soul Picnic” album, The 5th’s unmatched style, shining even in commercial form with a Bossa Nova feel, is addictive all these years later!  Take a listen & look at:

Forever 5th Dimension is proud to present The Original 5th Dimension with this classic jingle basked in their quintessential “5th style,” circa ’68 for Coca …

patrice birthday 14 Patrice says!:  Here’s a lovely reflection from soprano Patrice Morris about being a member of The 5th Dimension, today and working with the legendary Florence LaRue:  “I’m so blessed to work with some of the most talented, spirit-filled people. The beautiful Ms. Florence LaRue is every bit the master teacher of elegance, poise, and stage presence. I’ve learned so much just being in her company and watching her. Willie Williams, Leonard A Tucker Jr and Floyd A Smith are absolutely charming. I love singing with them and just hanging out with them. The 5th Dimension is such a classy group that still packs out venues almost everywhere we go. I’m still amazed by the response we receive from our loyal, faithful fans. It’s incredibly awesome and I’m honored to be a member of this ongoing, long lasting, talented group.” —Patrice Morris

Love from Toni! Toni Tennille of Captain & Tennille fame shared this about working with Marilyn & Billy last month, for “International Woman’s Day”:  “Marilyn and Billy are two lovely people, and SHE is such a terrific singer! I haven’t seen them in quite a few years, but every time I think of them it is with great fondness.”  Here’s Marilyn & Billy joining Toni & Daryl for a mighty “You’re All I Need to Get By,” as performed on “The Captain & Tennille Show,” ’77: 

Bones howe 5th

Up-Up & Away album recording session:  l to r–Florence, Ron, Marilyn, Billy, LaMonte,.Bones Howe, and Jimmy Webb

Mr. Bones! Recently we celebrated the birthday of 5th producer extraordinaire, Grammy-winning (“Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In”) Bones Howe.  On behalf of myself and The 5th Dimension, I wrote this to Sir Bones:  “3/18–Happy Birthday to a genius producer who has made all our lives brighter in the music, and personally, in knowing you, Bones. Thank you for your friendship and mentor-ship…we honor you today at ‘Forever 5th Dimension.’ Many continued blessings to a great man!”

Sinatra Jr.Remembering Frank, Jr.: And sadly, we mourned the untimely passing of Frank Sinatra, Jr.  Marilyn & Billy stated, “The Sinatra family was always so kind to The 5th Dimension, and we enjoyed working with Frank, Jr. on a number of occasions. His incredible musical gift will be missed along with his special sense of humor.”  Plus, LaMonte and myself extended our condolences to our kind friend, Nancy Sinatra.  Recently, Florence & The 5th Dimension guest-starred at the the Frank Sinatra 100th Year Gala, signifying the group’s ongoing connection to the Sinatra legacy…as we all continue to pray for the family.


The Original 5th Dimension appear on Frank, Sr.’s TV special, ’68:  “Francis Albert Sinatra Does His Thing”


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The hit memoir—FROM HOBO FLATS TO THE 5TH DIMENSION with raves from Johnny Mathis, Mary Wilson & Nancy Sinatra, 50 photos, even a recipe…New! The joke book—500+ “naughty but nice” jokes to tickle your funny bone…The song—Uplifting in that 5th tradition, Mac’s lyrics make “If I Could Fly” an inspiring musical mantra!

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Appreciation 51aquarius single


PRINCEBreaking News:  Forever 5th Dimension is saddened by the untimely passing of music legend, Prince. Our prayers for his family and sympathies to his legions of fans. Marilyn & Billy state: “Prince’s impact on music will long be felt. He opened new doors, created new sounds. As well, the world has been seeing so many amazing stories about Prince–the person. What a beautiful heart he had. Long live his influence!” And fans Brian Medoro and Andy Gard remind that Florence & The 5th Dimension joyfully covered a Prince tune called “Strollin'” a few years back, in-concert.  Perhaps they’ll now add “Purple Rain” to their memorable “Rain Medley,” in homage.

(Forever 5th Dimension by Robert-Allan Arno, a production of The Soul of the Voice, Ltd., 2008-16, all rights reserved.  Photo credits:  David Costa, Getty Images, Nancy Sinatra, The Arno 5th Dimension McCoo/Davis Legacy Collection, Ray Glover)