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“Sweet Memories of Sweets”

rare-sweetRonald “Sweets” Townson: Remembering the gentleman who brought The Original 5th Dimension his robust dignity and classical bent…and so much more. Now begins our “sweet” annual tradition as we honor his legacy on his birth date of January 29. Our “refreshed” essay for ’17, “Sweet Memories of Sweets” features quotes & stories from the stars and family who knew him best: Marilyn & Billy, Florence, LaMonte and Ron’s son Kyle.  And we spotlight the Top 5 (and more!) Ron “vocal solos.”  And the special fans weigh in with thoughtful feedback.  Lotsa’ photos, too!

Please join us now for “Sweet Memories of Sweets” at this “Forever 5th Dimension” link:

Robert-Allan Arno,

Biographer–The Original 5th Dimension