Introducing “Marilyn & Billy’s Living Room”: Your Questions Requested!

LIVING LIVING LIVINGINTRODUCING “Marilyn & Billy’s Living Room“…and Special Fans, YOU’RE INVITED! Over the past 9 years, each time the globally-acclaimed FOREVER 5th DIMENSION blog has had the pleasure of interviewing the 7-time Grammy award-winning “First Couple of Pop & Soul,” hands-down your consistent feedback has been: “It’s like I’m in their living room, being part of the conversation with Marilyn and Billy!” The blog’s creator and trusted biographer of The Original 5th Dimension, Robert-Allan Arno observes, “In my warm chats with Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr., we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve talked the music of a lifetime including ‘going deep’ with rarities, we’ve even done mini-Master Classes in singing interpretation! And we’ve never excluded keeping it faith-based while weaving in all the burning questions fans have wanted to hear!”

Now it’s your chance to ask those questions directly to “MarBill!” Submit them at the relevant thread on their Official Facebook page*— about the music, the historic recordings, memorable stage & media appearances, about marriage, faith…and even fashion!  But no more than TWO questions per fan, please (due to space limitations)! Our first edition will festively be unveiled at the FOREVER 5th DIMENSION blog (right here!) on Marilyn’s birthday, Sept. 30, 2017.  (Questions will be compiled and a curated selection will be submitted to Marilyn & Billy by Sept. 15…so they have time to answer!)  So Fans & Friends, please begin leaving your questions at the thread (on the Official Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr. Facebook page*)  and thank you for your cooperation and enthusiasm! –“Team MarBill”

 *Go to the Official Marilyn & Billy Facebook page at:
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2 responses to “Introducing “Marilyn & Billy’s Living Room”: Your Questions Requested!

  1. I have followed you over the years…love your music and wonderful marriage (and reading your biography, feeling connected to you lives). Enjoyed seeing you at the Catalina Bar & Jazz Club a couple of years ago and looking forward to this fall at The Cerritos Center. Please don’t stop playing. You are loved by so many people. Would you consider doing a “Solid Gold” revival or similar type of series?

  2. Hi! My question for Marilyn & Billy’s Living Room is: Does a second commercial for Jello exist? I either dreamed it or saw it once on afternoon television in the early ’70’s during soap opera airing time. It went something like this: Hands are seen carrying a tray with bowls of Jello into a recording studio. The members of The 5th are then seen enjoying the Jello while listening to their Jello song.