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FOREVER 5th DIMENSION by Robert-Allan Arno:  A blog in tribute to the multi-Grammy winning stars of The original 5th Dimension–yesterday, today, forever…BIG BANNERThink The 5th Dimension and a kaleidoscope of hiply elegant sounds and images so readily dance in the mind’s eye, that we still breathe a collective sigh of unadulterated joy.  Their uniquely eclectic brand of “Champagne Soul” garnered chart-toppers galore as Marilyn McCoo, Billy Davis, Jr., Florence LaRue, LaMonte McLemore and Ron Townson united people with their uplifting, harmonious sound during the turbulent times of the late 60′s-early 70′s.

2013 YEAR END COLLAGEAt Forever 5th Dimension we present some history, new interviews & lots of current events:

new marbill don' likeMarilyn & Billy news–married 48 years, the dynamic duo of McCoo & Davis tour with their acclaimed concerts plus their Broadway-inspired retrospective, “Up-Up and Away–a musical fable” to the best reviews of their career!

The 5th Dimension featuring Florence LaRueFlorence & The (current) 5th Dimension news–Delightful Diva LaRue leads today’s 5th (Patrice Morris, Willie Williams, Leonard Tucker & Floyd Smith) on world stages to sold-out crowds & also appears in her one-woman show, “Just As I Am.”  Ms. LaRue is toasting 50 years with The 5th Dimension.

Tux it upbook coverLaMonte news–Mr. McLemore’s memoir FROM HOBO FLATS to THE 5th DIMENSION (A Life Fulfilled in Baseball, Photography and Music) arrived  on Valentine’s Day 2015 with a book-signing launch at the Orleans Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, where Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr. were special guests; a major media/in-person tour continued in LA, St. Louis and NYC, with more stops to follow in ’17. Robert-Allan Arno is the project’s as-told-to author, and appears with LaMonte for special “on-stage chat” presentations.  The book, receiving *****Star reviews from fans and luminaries like Johnny Mathis, Nancy Sinatra, Neil Sedaka and Mary Wilson of The Supremes is available at Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/0692307362

“Mac” has added the recent publishing of a joke book to his accomplishments plus 2 tunes in “the 5th tradition,” titled “If I Could Fly,”  and “I Wish I Could Fall in Love.” A third, with “Mac” doing the spoken-world narrative, “Cease Fire” is another jewel in the McLemore songwriting crown–an anthem for global peace.

It’s Sunshine, Picnics, Balloons and Bells, always with lots of love. 

Arno_Robert_227_xret2-cropRobert-Allan Arno–actor, announcer, teacher–has been covering The 5th Dimension in the media for decades, including acclaimed liners for Sony’s THE ULTIMATE 5th DIMENSION and PLAYLIST:  THE VERY BEST OF THE 5th DIMENSION.  He appears reading the Word on TV’s inspirational mainstay, “The Sunday Mass,” on the ABC FreeForm network.

summer songs twoForever 5th Dimension debuted in 2008 on MySpace with the blessing of McCoo & Davis.  Over 5 years, interviews with the duo as well as LaMonte McLemore, Bones Howe, John Florez and features on Florence LaRue garnered a large global response.  Forever 5th Dimension found its new home on WordPress for new year ’14.  Its ’08-’13 posts are archived and will be re-released in the near future.  Please enjoy our wealth of current postings including links to the Forever 5th Dimension YouTubes.  The blog and Mr. Arno’s writings are recommended by the stars of The original 5th Dimension–Marilyn & Billy, Florence and LaMonte…


“Robert, no one can weave all of those elements about our music together in a superb lyrical tapestry like you do. You have a way with words that is truly God’s gift to you.” —Marilyn McCoo

“I’m  so proud of the work Robert does for The 5th Dimension’s biography and my own, I’ve truly learned so much from him!”–LaMonte McLemore

“Robert is ‘The 6th Dimension!'”–Florence LaRue on Rewound Radio

“Robert, you never cease to amaze us! Know how much we appreciate you & your involvement in our life & career over the years. With so much knowledge to share, you bring a spirit of excellence to all that you do. We love you!”  —Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr.

“Robert brings his rare passion to The 5th Dimension legacy, he is wonderful in  keeping us fresh in his creativity.”–Bones Howe, The 5th Dimension Producer

“Robert, it has been, and is, a pleasure working with you on behalf of two wonderful people who are among the greatest role models and entertainers in the world. You are a shining spirit filled with life, compassion, and creativity; I am proud to call you, ‘friend!’ ”–Randall J. Jeffries, Asst. to McCoo/Davis

About Robert’s liners for the new “Playlist: The Very Best of The 5th Dimension” on Sony Legacy: “I enjoyed how the liner introductions provided a bit of history & gave me something new & specific to listen for in each beloved song!”–Fan, DeniseRose Torres


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  1. Andy Pandy & Diamond

    I have known the inspirational story of LaMonte’s life, and am so very proud and happy to know that it is finally being told in such as befitting manner! A&D

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