LaMonte McLemore releases new tune…and you can dance to it!

I WISH I COULD FALL IN LOVEIntroducing LaMonte McLemore‘s new song available for download right now at CD Baby! Mac enthuses, “This is the type of dance tune I always wanted The Original 5th Dimension to record!” The Grammy legend explains, “Now I get to conceive it with a 2017 spin…featuring the talented Julio Hanson in the sweet-soul, harmonic driver’s seat!”JULIO

Vegas Mac Glover TwoComing on the heels of McLemore’s viral sensation, CEASE FIRE (a call for world peace), I WISH I COULD FALL IN LOVE switches themes, repping Mac’s versatile vision. And yet the elemental message of “love” always manifests where LaMonte travels artistically. –Robert-Allan Arno

Fans & friends, go to CD Baby right now, to hear a sample of & purchase for download I WISH I COULD FALL IN LOVE at this link:

LaMonte says: “Thanks, all, for the great response so far…”

The fans say: 

Chazz Dixon I like!

Alain Baptiste We highly recommend this harmony laden and sweet new dance tune from our hero, Mr. LaMonte McLemore.  —Mariette and Alain Baptiste

Evelyn Geatros I love the new song LaMonte! It has a great beat!!

Douglas C. Charles Woo Hoo!!

Sandra Davis I just ordered your new song!

Oscar Sheppard Sounds great!

Byron J Woods Sounding good!! Much success on the new groove LaMonte!



This Week: Marilyn & Billy Chat on Radio…Sing at Feinstein’s, San Francisco


Fans and friends know, each time their “MarBill” makes a media or stage appearance, the duo likes to bring something “fresh” to the festivities. The First Couple of Pop & Soul will be gracing the west coast airwaves both on Thursday and Friday, talking about their shows this week, Aug. 17-19 at the intimately posh Feinstein’s at the Nikko, San Francisco. There, they’ll celebrate #SummerofLove50 with the tastiest Pop, R & B, Blues, Torch and Broadway in town…gold & platinum hits galore and sweet surprises as the 7-time Grammy winners are sure to dazzle.

You can hear McCoo and Davis “live” talking about their Feinstein’s engagement and more—those charming “MarBill” stories including their recent 48th wedding anniversary!—this Thursday on KALW Radio, on the “Open /Air” show. Listen between 1 & 2 pm, pacific time, or starting 4 pm eastern:

Now hear the podcast at:

Then on Friday, the twosome joins award-winning actor, comedian & author, Brian Copeland on K-Go Radio for a full half hour, 2:15-2:45 pm, pacific time, or starting 5:15 pm eastern:

Now hear the archive of this absolutely lively, charming interview at:

It’s #SummerofLove50, MarBill-style…in concert-cabaret, chatting on the radio…making August 2017 “a nicer place,” indeed!  –Robert-Allan Arno

Seats are Limited*…

*Now Sold Out!!

See Marilyn & Billy at Feinstein’s at the Nikko this Thurs – Sat, Aug. 17-19…

For tix and more information:

9th Anniversary Edition of Forever 5th Dimension

9th ANNIVERSARY COLLAGE TWO9 years ago, while sitting in Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr.’s suite, post-show at the Cafe Carlyle, during our “cozy catch-up” visit I presented the concept of the “Forever 5th Dimension” blog-magazine.  It was met with immediate instinctual approval by “MarBill” with Billy smiling, “I like the title,” and Marilyn adding with a wink, “I’d read it!”  And that they both have, with such kind and astute validation & participation over these past 9 years where we first started on MySpace and migrated over to WordPress in recent years!

After decades of affiliation with my heroes, the members of The Original 5th Dimension, these past 9 years have been cherished for so many reasons, the adventures we’ve shared alone are thrilling: the St. Louis Walk of Fame Induction of The 5th Dimension, the Friar’s Club salute to Marilyn & Billy, the book launch in Vegas of LaMonte McLemore’s memoir, “From Hobo Flats to The 5th Dimension” for which I am the co-author, helping promote Florence LaRue’s astounding one-woman “Jazz a LaRue!” show at NYC’s Metropolitan Room and our attending some Broadway shows together to toast it all!  PLAYLIST SCAN 001Compiling tunes with the group’s members and doing liners for “Playlist” for Sony just like we did with “Ultimate 5th Dimension” was “scholarly hip”…and of course, reporting on the countless sold-out, ovation inducing concert events of Marilyn & Billy (the First Couple of Pop n’ Soul) and the indomitable Florence LaRue & The 5th Dimension (including Patrice Morris, Willie Williams, Leonard Tucker & Floyd Smith) is simply sensational!  And our worldwide fan participation for each of our star’s birthdays is always an awesome “sunshine” celebration!  Marilyn & Billy, Florence and LaMonte (plus Kyle Townson who is so supportive in repping his beloved dad, Ron)–each of them are not only cherished friends but mentoring colleagues who are a total pleasure to work with…their taste and faithful ethic are unparalleled. It just makes sense that the essence of The 5th Dimension brought our world together in harmony during the turbulent times of the late ’60’s/early 70’s…and it’s a blessing that these artists continue to enthrall us with such magic and energy, today.  Also the support of another personal mentor, renowned producer Bones Howe is never forgotten.


The Original 5th Dimension

So, in celebrating our 9th year, I want to conclude with a few links to some of my favorite editions…as we look forward to new horizons from our favorite stars…that’s what “Forever 5th” is all about!  In  gratitude, Robert-Allan Arno

–2 summers ago, Marilyn & Billy stopped by for this “super-sized” edition of FOREVER 5th called “Singing in the Light.” We had so much fun going deep into sentimental recordings, answering fan questions…we actually laughed and cried!  Take a look back, here:
     If you’re reading FOREVER 5th DIMENSION, then you’re well-acquainted with Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr.:  the seven-time Grammy winning founding members and former lead singer…

–This past February’s special edition for Black History Month featured a charming segment on the timeless Florence’s milestone birthday soire with heartfelt thoughts from our “delightful diva,” herself and special photo ops.  We include The 5th’s recognition by the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, too. Read “Celebrating A Legacy” here:
Honoring Black History Month ’17– a Forever 5th Dimension Exclusive Report by Robert-Allan Arno Museum Display– Here’s a lively backstage photo of The …

–It took 4 years to co-pen LaMonte’s now hit memoir, “From Hobo Flats to The 5th Dimension: A Life Fulfilled in Baseball, Photography and Music,” and Mac & I would never trade the excavating experience for anything in the word, lol!  We celebrated the book’s launch in  early ’15, an “afternoon in Vegas” via “Mac & Arno’s onstage chat show” with special guests Marilyn & Billy (and proclamations from Florence and Bones)…and then we attended MarBill’s stellar Valentine’s show that evening! Read all about it here aka “Valentine’s in Vegas: Mac’s New Book, MarBill’s Sold-Out Show”:
LaMonte, Marilyn & Billy: a Valentine’s in Vegas Escapade! by Robert-Allan Arno Dateline Feb 14: “After all, The 5th Dimension stood for love,” is part of …

–Remembering Ron “Sweets” Townson’s birthday is always important at FOREVER 5th DIMENSION. But for our 9th anniversary, we also acknowledge the recent anniversary of his passing, Aug. 2, 2001.  Let’s put the spotlight on his lasting musical legacy with a look at our most comprehensive salute ever, experience “Sweet Memories of Sweets” here:
SWEET MEMORIES OF “SWEETS” by Robert-Allan Arno As we honor his official birth date (it’s January 29 and not the 20th as so many sites state in inadvertent error) at “Foreve…

–We have some nifty interviews with Bones Howe in our archive (the old MySpace days!) and will bring you some excerpts–by popular request– in the near future!

Lovely Quotes from Lovely People:

“Robert, no one can weave all of those elements about our music together in a superb lyrical tapestry like you do. You have a way with words that is truly God’s gift to you.” —Marilyn McCoo

“I’m  so proud of the work Robert does for The 5th Dimension’s biography and my own, I’ve truly learned so much from him!”–LaMonte McLemore

“Robert is ‘The 6th Dimension!’”–Florence LaRue on Rewound Radio

“Robert, you never cease to amaze us! Know how much we appreciate you & your involvement in our life & career over the years. With so much knowledge to share, you bring a spirit of excellence to all that you do. We love you!”  —Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr.

“Robert brings his rare passion to The 5th Dimension legacy, he is wonderful in  keeping us fresh in his creativity.”–Bones Howe, The 5th Dimension Producer

Essential Links:


The Delightful Florence LaRue

Visit Florence LaRue & The 5th Dimension for concert schedule & more at: or


First Couple of Pop & Soul

Visit Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr. for appearances & more at: Facebook Official, on Twitter @mccoodavis  or at:

book coverVisit LaMonte McLemore on: Facebook, Twitter @LaMonteMcLemore, and Linked-in

Purchase Mac’s 5-star hit memoir, FROM HOBO FLATS TO THE 5TH DIMENSION at Amazon:

Special thanks to Steve Rosenblum of Sterling Winters

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Happy 48th Anniversary: A Salute to Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr.’s Greatest Duet Hits

MARBILL 48 Collage

Summer is always a sentimental time for fans of Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr., for July 26 is the date of their wedding anniversary, this year marks 48 years!  The seven-time Grammy winning founding members and former lead singers of legends The 5th Dimension, the scintillating “You Don’t Have to be a Star” duo who have shone brightly on “TV and stage” for decades are a timeless pair.


McCoo & Davis: Timeless

Indeed, the beauteous McCoo and the distinguished Davis continue to perform to the best reviews of their career.  Just recently they honored Jimmy Webb at Carnegie Hall, stopping the show with their 50th anniversary rendition of “Up-Up and Away.”  And coming up next month, as part of the 50th anniversary of “The Summer of Love,” the twosome will present their own love songs, hits, torch and blues at Feinstein’s at the Nikko, August 17-19 in San Francisco. But enough with “the 50th” because for our “MarBill” it’s merely their 48th! In celebration, a sampling of special fans have participated in the following survey to honor their Greatest Duet Hits. And when it’s all been said, in making such artistic choices an extension of  our affection for the “Sweethearts of Pop n’ Soul,” we’d like to express our heartfelt congratulations and blessings on the occasion of your 48th anniversary, Marilyn & Billy.  With Love, Robert & The Special Fans

I HOPE ALBUMThe Question:  If there would be an ULTIMATE McCOO & DAVIS GREATEST HITS CD featuring your favorites of their recorded DUETS, what personal top 5 (in no necessary order) would you choose? Pick singles and/or album tracks from their 4 primary duet projects (“I Hope We Get to Love in Time,” “The Two of Us,” “Marilyn & Billy,” “The Many Faces of Love,”)…or from their select Original 5th Dimension duets….or perhaps inspirational tunes like “Praise Ye the Lord” or “Keep the Lovelight Burning”…then there’s “I Believe in You and Me,” a duet featured on Marilyn’s solo album…etc., and THANK YOU for your participation!

The Fans Respond:

Brian Medoro Your Love, Together Let’s Find Love, Look What You’ve Done To My Heart, My Very Special Darling, What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)RARE YOUR LOVE

Robyn Pippins Hi Robert, my top 5 would be You Don’t Have To Be A Star, In My Lifetime, You Are So Beautiful, Your Love, and The Two of Us.STAR SINGLE

Alain Baptiste My Love For You Will Always Be The Same, Nightsong, I Got Love For You, Just Once and our fifth is every other one they recorded! Happy Anniversary, Mariette and Alain

Paul Corley Perfect Dancer, Bye Bye Baby (w/ The Versatiles), There’s Got To Be a Happy Ending, We’ve Got To Get It On Again, The Times


Remember 8 Tracks?!

Jim Handakas I Believe In You and Me, The Two of Us, Carry Me, So Many Things for Free, You Don’t Have to Be a StarI believe in you and me

Deniserose Torres How Do You Keep the Music Playing, Look What You’ve Done to My Heart, I Thought It Took A Little (But Today I Fell In Love), Keep The Lovelight Burning…. there is about a 7 way tie for a 5th song…but I will go with The Two of Us.MANY FACES

Loretta Sorensen I always had poor decision making skills causing me anxiety! But this is a nice and gentle anxiety ’cause it involves Marilyn & Billy – ha ha! My favs are Bobbie’s Blues, What Does It Take, Your Love, We Can Work It Out and You Don’t Have to Be A Star!

Estes John My Reason to Be is You, Keep the Lovelight Burning, How Do You Keep the Music Playing, Love all the Hurt Away, Look What You’ve Done to My Heart

SHINE ON DISCORARE SILVER MOONSusie Paige Shine on Silver Moon, You Don’t Have to Be a Star, What Does it Take, The Two of Us, Praise Ye the Lord


“Praise Ye” appears on “The Love of God”

Douglas C. Charles Wishing these two Lovebirds the best of Anniversaries – and many more joyous ones to come. My “top 5” – Look What You’ve Done To My Heart, Your Love, Bobbie’s Blues, Every Night and My Very Special DarlingRARE LWYD HEART

Renee T Armstead I have to say for the first one What Does It Take. Then Bobbie’s Blues, and Your Precious Love. Also, Soul and Inspiration, Together Let’s Find Love5th-dimension-together-lets-find-love-bellSusan Aglio Every Night, What Does it Take, Soul and Inspiration, I Believe in You and Me, and I Hope We Get to Love in Time. And I just have to add one more…Keep the Lovelight Burning!

the me nobody

“Lovelight” appears on “The Me Nobody Knows”

Dale Kocik You Don’t Have To Be A Star, Your Love, Every Night, Together Let’s Find Love, Soul and Inspiration.

YOUR LOVE SINGLEAndy Gard Your Love, Your Precious Love, Soul and Inspiration, My Reason To Be Is You, Carry MeMarilyn and Billy Album

Elston Harry (of The Friends of Distinction) We Can Work it Out, Love all the Hurt Away

TOGETHER LETS FINDRobert-Allan Arno Gonna take a crack at this myself. I find the following 1st duet album sequence miraculously indelible:  I Still Will Be With You, Never Gonna Let You Go, Nothing Can Stop Me. Then, Praise Ye the Lord. Finally, I will “cheat” by combining Together Let’s Find Love in “mash-up” with You Are So Beautiful!


Sweet Tweets!  Marilyn & Billy Tweeted @mccoodavis their own day-by-day Anniversary Countdown with links to these musical gems….

Special Thanks to Steve Rosenblum at Sterling-Winters

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McCoo & Davis: Summer of Love at Feinstein’s, San Francisco in August!

As part of its celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, Feinstein’s at the Nikko, San Francisco is thrilled to announce the appearances of…





TICKETS: $65 – $110

For tickets, go to events at:

Grammy Award-winning and gold & platinum-selling duo, Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr., will celebrate their multifaceted 5 decade career in a show that includes R&B, Gospel, Jazz, Blues and Pop. As the original stars and lead singers of the legendary group The 5th Dimension, they launched champagne and pop/soul classics including “Up, Up and Away,” “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In,” “Worst That Could Happen,” “Stoned Soul Picnic,” “Sweet Blindness,” “Wedding Bell Blues,” and “One Less Bell to Answer.” After leaving the group, Marilyn & Billy recorded “You Don’t Have to be a Star,” a chart topping #1 record which earned them their 7th Grammy Award and a television series on CBS.

Enjoy this FOREVER 5th DIMENSION slide show of Marilyn & Billy, today with some fun “throwbacks,” too!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Visit Marilyn & Billy at; or at their official FB page or on Twitter @mccoodavis

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Florence LaRue & The 5th Dimension In Concert: A “Funshine” Picnic!

The 5th Dimension featuring Florence LaRueThe Original 5th Dimension made a memorable appearance during 1967’s “Summer of Love” at the now historic Fantasy Fair & Magic Mountain Music Festival in Marin Country, California…and 50 years later, Florence LaRue & The 5th Dimension brought their eternal sunshine to the Marin County Fair! Group member Patrice Morris described the exhilarating experience as “our best concert ever!”  And super-fan, our good friend Andy Gard shares with us his heartfelt review as an exclusive for FOREVER 5th DIMENSION…


Marin County Fair, Sat. July 1st–Leading to my 56th birthday on July 3, I can honestly say this was one of the best days of my entire life! As usual, The 5th Dimension played a huge part in that. I’ll also add that this show was unequivocally the best concert I’ve seen by the current lineup of the group. Everyone (Florence, Patrice, Leonard, Floyd and Willie) was in top form from the get-go and every single song was given 110%. Even better was the fact that the group is doing more “5th material,” including “Workin’ On A Groovy Thing” and “California Soul” which I heard them perform for the first time that night, after the “Rain Medley” and before “One Less Bell To Answer.” The “electricity” exchanged between performers and audience made the evening into a real love fest.


L to R: Willie, Florence, Leonard, Patrice and Floyd (courtesy John Estes)

The show began and it was immediately clear the group’s energy was turned all the way up. After “September” and “My Girl” came “Groovy Thing” which led into a selection of the group’s biggest songs performed in full, including “Wedding Bell Blues” “The Worst That Could Happen” “Never My Love” “Last Night I Didn’t Get To Sleep At All” and “MacArthur Park.” “Stoned Soul Picnic” followed and as usual, Florence ventured into the crowd to invite people to dance with her. The first person she picked happened to be a guy named Andy and after his turn Florence announced, “Speaking of Andys, I have a friend in the audience named Andy and it’s his birthday. Where are you, Andy?” I made my presence known and went down front to Ms. LaRue, who asked if I’d been practicing my dance moves. I said I’d done my best and evidently it was pretty good judging from the feedback I received!


Andy dances with delightful diva Florence (courtesy Patrice Morris)

The rest of the show was fantastic and the crowd was so hyped up they were standing and dancing from the very beginning of “Aquarius” even before the transition into “Let The Sunshine In!” The group came back for an encore and at the very end led the audience in an accapella version of “God Bless America,” the perfect conclusion to a 4th of July weekend concert…as was the fire works display. Then, spending quality time with Florence backstage for a lovely post-concert visit was the “icing” on my birthday cake!

Check out more upcoming concerts…Florence LaRue & The 5th Dimension continue their “Champagne Soul” magic:

(Forever 5th Dimension by Robert-Allan Arno, copyright 2008-2017, The Soul of the Voice, Ltd., intellectual property, all rights reserved)

It’s a “Billy’s Greatest Hits” Celebration: A Birthday Tribute from the Fans!

Billy Birthday Collage TWOJune 26, 2017–The birthday of Billy Davis, Jr., our Gentleman of Soul has been special cause for celebration over the 9 years we’ve been doing FOREVER 5th DIMENSION, honoring the man whose motto is “What comes from the heart, goes to the heart.”  And that’s been proven in each and every one of his recorded and onstage renderings that have moved us over the years, from ballads to Blues, sweet-Soul treatises to full-throttle romps. Literally as I am writing this, our friends at REWOUND radio are honoring my own “Billy Birthday Request” in playing that tune of nostalgic loss yet eternal forgiveness, “Ashes to Ashes”…a personal favorite 5th Dimension single of Billy’s.  And last month, while his superstar wife of soon-to-be 48 years, Marilyn McCoo and the equally stellar Mr. Davis were being feted by the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters, it was fellow Original 5th Dimension mate, Florence LaRue who declared emotionally from the dais that “No one sounds like Billy, his voice still brings a tear to my eye.”  Also in May, at the Carnegie Hall tribute to Jimmy Webb, it was Billy who brought down the house, garnering a standing O for his interpretation of “The Worst that Could Happen”…a gem from “The Magic Garden.” magic gardenAnd there are countless treasures from Billy that flood the “music of our minds” with his inimitable tone, textured timbre and depth of interpretive skills.  “That’s not me, it’s God working through me” is Billy’s sincerely humble response to the many accolades he’s received from the likes of Webb himself,  Maurice White (Earth, Wind & Fire), Eddie Levert (The O’Jays), and fellow Original 5th founder, LaMonte McLemore.  And Marilyn has endearingly talked to us about encouraging her hubby to record “When a Man Loves a Woman” for their “Many Faces of Love” project, and how he helped her with phrasing on her own iconic “One Less Bell to Answer.” Now here’s  a sampling of “song-choice hurrahs” from select special fans who were invited to partake in this year’s “survey” as follows, for Billy’s Birthday Celebration ’17—

By special request:  Choose your Top 5 Billy solos (in no particular order, unless you wish to do so) for a mythical yet potential Billy’s Greatest Hits CD, from his most memorable solo recordings with The Original 5th Dimension, or on the MarBill duet albums including the recent “The Many Faces of Love” or Live CD projects. Or choose from his inspirational album, “The Love of God” (formerly “Let Me Have a Dream”)…or an obscure single like the “soulicious” Three Steps From True Love, perhaps!BILLY BILLY

The Fans’ Responses…

Susie Paige:  All are great of course but my favorites include: “Summer’s Daughter,” “Somebody Warm Like Me,” “A Change is Gonna Come,” “The Worst That Could Happen,” and “There Never Was a Day.”

Susan Aglio:  Billy has SO many amazing songs but if I had to pick, my favorites are “The Singer,”  which still can make me cry when I listen to it and “Speaking With My Heart,”  which “spoke” to me personally.

MANY FACESRobyn Pippins: “When A Man Loves A Woman,” “Stay With Me,” “Stepping Out/Stepping In,” “The Singer,” “When Something is Wrong with My Baby.” Thanks Robert, I could go on and on!!

PORTAIT ALBUM COVERRenee Armstead:  For me it’s of course “A Change is Gonna Come” and “Broken Wing Bird.”  LOVE'S LINES ALBUM

Phyl Craig-Noto: THE SINGER!!!!!

Brian Medoro: “Don’t Stop For Nothin’,” “ I Just Want To Be Your Friend,” “Requiem: 820 Latham,” “Half Moon,” “I’ve Got A Feeling.” I could list tons more, but that’s my opening set list!!EARTHBOUND ALBUM

Cynthia Malachi White: My favorites are:
“When a Man Loves a Woman,” “I’m Blessed,”Try a Little Tenderness,” “Summer’s Daughter,“ “A Change Is Gonna Come.







Deniserose Torres: “Let It Be Me,” “Leave a Little Room,” “When Something is Wrong with My Baby,” “A Change is Gonna Come”… the 5th choice is always the hardest ‘cause I don’t want to leave anything off … but I will add some Blues and go with “Let the Good Times Roll!”

John Estes: My top 5 in order are:
“Broken Wing Bird,” “The Singer,“ “Requiem: 820 Latham,” “Summer’s Daughter,” “It’ll Never Be the Same Again”  (I also want to give Honorable Mention to “Rusty Hands of Time”…what a great song!)billy tumbler one



Renee Armstead: Oh yes! “Rusty Hands of Time!” I LOVE that song. Add this to my list too, Robert. I remember after a MarBill concert I went to about four years ago, I mentioned this rare song to Billy and he laughed and said, “Listen to you! ‘Rusty Hands of Time?’ That’s an old song!”billy tumber two

Douglas C. Charles:  Billy recorded so many great songs. His range and mastering of a song are incredible. It would be impossible for me to list in an exact order. That being said, five of my favorites are…” Leave A Little Room,” “Requiem: 820 Latham ,” “A Change Is Gonna Come” (best version I have ever heard, by the way), “It’ll Never Be The Same Again,” “I’ve Got A Feeling.”  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU BILLY!!!

BILLY CHECKLoretta Sorensen: Here ya go: “Let It Be Me,” “Requiem: 820 Latham,” “The Worst That Could Happen,” “Misty Roses,” and “A Change is Gonna Come.” Happiest of Birthdays, Dear Billy!

Leave a Little RoomAndy Gard: Here are mine in basically chronological order, without rhyme or reason or extraneous personal opinion: “Misty Roses,” “Let It Be Me,” “Feelin’ Alright?,” “Leave A Little Room,” and “ I’ve Got A Feeling.” Happy Birthday to one of the greatest soul singers of our generation! (OK, so maybe a little personal opinion.)

Alain Baptiste: Mariette and I have been thinking about this…we immediately said A CHANGE IS GONNA COME and LEAVE A LITTLE ROOM. Mariette says MISTY ROSES too, I like FEELIN’ ALRIGHT. Our 5th choice is ALL the rest !! Happy Birthday and God bless a legend, BILLY DAVIS JR!! –Mariette & Alain


“Surprise, Fans!  Now this is a rare one, huh?!”

I want to thank the fans for their select input which is a microcosm of what I’m sure so many feel about Billy’s artistry, the world over!  Certainly, I too can speak of my favorite Billy tunes–each is timeless, taking on new meaning with each year–but talking of “years,” I’d like to share a snippet of my personal birthday note to Billy:

WESTBURY Davis, Arno, McCoo

Please know how grateful I am to know you over the years. With each new encounter, I am so touched by your thoughtful authenticity. You always seem to express things in a deep pastoral manner that serves as soothing “food for thought”…even when we’re sharing a laugh like at the recent Carnegie Hall after-party, it is caring and substantive. Man-to-man, I appreciate your continuing to be not only a great entertainer, but an overall role model. 

Lastly, Marilyn & Billy brought the fans their own brand of fun this year with their 6-day “Countdown to Billy’s Birthday” on Twitter @mccoodavis.  I’m gonna end this tribute with our duo, sharing the links to these amazing old n’ new classics so you can have your own Billy listening party!

Our Warm Happy Birthday Wishes & Blessings to a Great Man,

Robert & the special Fans

Twitter Banner MarBillCountdown to Billy’s Birthday as seen on Twitter @mccoodavis…

Reflecting on memorable solos like this song of pure hope, LEAVE A LITTLE ROOM

The smooth MISTY ROSES from our 1st Orig 5th Dimension album spells romance.

The lyrical poetry of @realjimmywebb makes REQUIEM: 820 LATHAM a moving favorite.

BillyDavisJrA CHANGE IS GONNA COME makes a statement that’s an important part of our show to this day.

From the EARTHBOUND album, “get down” with the Rock n’ Soul of I’VE GOT A FEELING!

From THE MANY FACES OF LOVE, WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN is a special “Marilyn Request!”

new marbill don' like7-time Grammy winning Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr. appear in their Broadway-like review “Up-Up & Away–a musical fable” and in-concert…for appearance dates, “like” their official Facebook page or visit

Special Thanks to Steve Rosenblum, Sterling/Winters

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