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A Wedding Anniversary, A New Dance-Tune, A Multi-Season Touring Schedule

May 18 Banner SqDateline July 26–Welcome to our latest “eclectic” edition of FOREVER 5th DIMENSION. It’s the 49th Wedding Anniversary of our 1st Couple of Pop & Soul, Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr…go to their official Facebook page, today, and enter the drawing to win an autographed copy of their 2-volume Live CD! We’ve been having so much fun on Twitter–which I’m so honored to curate for our duo through my company, The Soul of The Voice, Ltd.–counting down to this special day.  We’ll review those Tweets at the close of our blog…but right now, here is MarBill’s heartwarming statement for the occasion:

With one of us originally from St. Louis, the other ‘an LA girl,’ if we had known 49 years ago that God would bless us with a relationship that would reach today’s anniversary, the concept would’ve been so unlikely, we would’ve laughed. (‘Who can stay married 49 years in this day and age–and in this business!?’) But never underestimate the Lord! Thank you, ALL of you for your love & support over all these years. We are so blessed & so thankful to have each of you!! 

Love, Billy & Marilyn 49 ANN COLLAGEMarilyn & Billy will be “in residency” over Labor Day weekend!  They say, “How we love putting together your favorites with new cabaret surprises! Join us at Hollywood’s intimate Catalina Bar & Grill for Jazz, Pop, Torch & Blues…done the ‘MarBill’ way!” That’s Fri Aug 31 – Sun Sept 2. For tickets go to: http://www.catalinajazzclub.com/

Florence and GroupFlorence LaRue & The 5th Dimension are sizzling! Their concerts of Champagne Soul bring classic harmonic hit sounds to today’s stages for multi-generational family entertainment performed for consistently sold-out crowds! Their current summer ’18 tour calendar…their upcoming Christmas residency…their bookings into the 2019 season…are ALL thrilling!fLOR RED BOB BARRY

Go here to see their cross-country touring schedule–tix for Florence & The 5th Dimension always sell out fast!!  Ms. LaRue & the group look forward to seeing YOU!:


Flor Kim

#SnapShot Whether on the road with The 5th Dimension or involved with her solo endeavors, our delightful diva, Florence LaRue is always busy! Last month, she co-hosted with actress Kym Whitley, the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival’s “Legends, Movement, And Memories” show.

LaMonte McLemore wants you to meet Ms. Fanny Fine…Fanny Big ArtworkLaMonte’s new dance tune is here, ready for download purchase on CD Baby…here’s the scoop:  “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the baddest of them all?” Introducing “Fanny Fine.” According to 6-time Grammy award winning founder of legends The 5th Dimension, LaMonte McLemore, who wrote & produced the new dance tune, “The lady is an homage to and a montage of ALL the beautiful women I’ve had the honor and pleasure of photographing for top magazines over 5 decades!”mac museum large yellow A touch retro but definitely today, “Fanny” elicits those dance-able club moves amid catchy, “5th Dimension-inspired” harmonic grooves. With music production & arrangement by Lloyd Tolbert and lead vocal by the soulfully dexterous Julio Hanson. “And don’t forget the characterization by Tyrone Fox…his artwork reflects the essence of Fanny!” adds Mr. Mac, who punctuates with his inimitable humor. He chuckles, “Fanny Fine will make ‘Brick House’ look like a shed!”

Order “Fanny Fine” on CD Baby, here:


Twitter Recap! Now, here’s a review of some of the fun & “sweet Tweets” Marilyn & Billy have been featuring as a count-down to today’s anniversary…we leave you with there’s as we anticipate our own 10 year anniversary edition of FOREVER 5th DIMENSION…complete with surprises…coming soon!  –Robert-Allan Arno

appreciation 102

#ThrowbackThursday We’re starting a one-week count-down to our #49thWeddingAnniversary (July 26) featuring fave picture & musical memories! This pose is from the photo shoot of our 1st duet album–you could find it on the LP’s inner sleeve! #IHopeWeGetToLoveInTime

When asked about our fave duet recordings, “My Reason to Be is You” is one of them. Please enjoy this live version that follows our performance of “Sad Eyes”…view it here: https://t.co/6ee9R9CTBm

As we count down to our #49thAnniversary on Thurs, we’re thinking of what we did for our 40th…the #ManyFacesofLove project! From it, “We Can Work It Out”* is perfect for #TuesdayGroove! Listen here: youtu.be/fPrHQS2NeFo

“You are the early mornin’ sun, you bring the light into my day…”
One of our faves from our duet sessions, “My Love for You (Will Always Be the Same)” is also our choice for today’s #SundaySunshine tune as we count down to our #49thWeddingAnniversary. Listen here: https://t.co/FlCFzavEtj


Wedding Collage#FashionFriday Which was our “real” wedding attire?! We were styled on the left, to perform “Wedding Bell Blues” on TV. On the right, come July 26, this photo will mark our official 49th! #49WeddingAnniversary

Wedding Fashion done

Special Thanks to Marilyn & Billy, Florence, LaMonte, the worldwide fans, Steve Rosenblum (Sterling/Winters)

(Forever 5th Dimension by Robert-Allan Arno, a production of The Soul of The Voice, Ltd., all rights reserved, intellectual property, copyright 2008-2018)



It Takes Two, Baby!

“Forever 5th Dimension” is so pleased to present this compendium review of our fave duo, Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr. at Catalina Jazz Club over Labor Day Weekend.  Very special thanks to “a duo” of wonderful fans, Deniserose Torres & Jonathan Weitz!!  –Robert


Jonathan:  I had a fantastic time seeing Marilyn & Billy last Friday at Catalina Jazz Club. Marilyn looked stunning in a leopard print dress, Billy was quite sharp in his dark blue suit. The sold out and star-studded crowd was overjoyed once they took the stage.
Deniserose:  The show started with “It Takes Two” and continued with “How Sweet It Is”…which while singing to each other, you feel they are speaking to everyone in the audience as well.jonathan oneJonathan: 
Next were some goodies from The 5th Dimension songbook– “Up-Up and Away” and “Wedding Bell Blues.”
Deniserose:  Billy’s soulful rendition of “A Change is Gonna Come” is showstopping.
Their most popular hit as a duo, “You Don’t Have To Be A Star,” was followed by sublime surprises…
Deniserose:  Marilyn shares with us her breathtaking rendition of the song she sang when she played Julie in SHOWBOAT on Broadway, “Can’t Help Lovin’ That Man.”
And she does one of my personal favorites, “(Last Night) I Didn’t Get to Sleep at All,”
Deniserose:   Just when you think it can’t get any better, they let you know it can with Billy’s “I’m Just A Lucky So And So,”…a Quartet version of “Blue Indigo,”… the jazzy “Got to Get You Into My Life”…
and a Beatles Medley that had everyone singing along!
Deniserose:   “Because You Love Me” is next which demonstrates how they can make a song so tender and powerful at the same time. Billy then grabs your soul and gets it dancing with the Blues song “Let the Good Times Roll!”
Nothing is better than when Marilyn sings “One Less Bell To Answer,” to a well-deserved standing ovation!jonathan two Deniserose:  I’m speechless to describe Marilyn’s “One Less Bell to Answer,” it’s too beautiful for any of the words I could come up with.  “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In” was the first song I ever heard The 5th Dimension sing…I was 9 years old and I just knew that must have been how angels sing! Hearing it again on this occasion at Catalina Jazz Club has only strengthened that opinion.
The love-fest flows ’till the very end as Billy’s poignant “Lean On Me/Love Train” with Marilyn and the talented backup singers has all in attendance hopping aboard!jonathan 3Deniserose:  Marilyn & Billy’s energy is infectious, their performance inspirational and like my mama told me all those many years ago…they perform with such JOY!
The Dynamic Duo is always on point and consistently entertains their audience with no signs of slowing down!

(Photos courtesy Jonathan Weitz Collection)

>>Visit Marilyn & Billy, their official page on Facebook or at http://www.mccoodavis.com