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Stoned Soul Springtime Review!

APRIL 1 RARE FLIPWelcome to our “Stoned Soul” springtime review! As always, we immeasurably thank Marilyn & Billy...Florence & The 5th Dimension…and LaMonte for their enthusiastic contributions & support…we celebrate our 10th anniversary of FOREVER 5th DIMENSION in late July with some tasty “special events!” And to you, the worldwide fans, our appreciation for making this near-decade of “5th-fabulousness” a global adventure! Let’s catch up…

Marilyn & Billy started the new year with something they had looked forward to for a long time….a trip to Africa. They shared their journey on Twitter & Facebook (official)–starting in front of Nelson Mandela’s statue in Pretoria “with his arms open to the word” and ending at a Namibian village where they were warmly embraced. Along the way, snapping shots of the charming African penguins at Boulders Beach…elephants, baboons, giraffes, “We just loved how all the species seemed to live in harmony!” smiled MarBill.AFMARBILLDONE

On Twitter @mccoodavis–which I’m so proud to curate–Marilyn & Billy and I have put our heads together to bring you new features like #TuesdayGroove, #FashionFriday and #SundaySunshine! Recently, excitement was in the air when our duo congratulated James Reynolds on receiving the prestigious Daytime Emmy for Lead Actor in a Drama Series.  Many of you recall that Marilyn played the saucy, mysterious songstress “Tamara Price” on “Days of Our Lives” in the ’80’s, opposite Mr. Reynolds. Since their characters’ daughter, “Lani” has recently entered “Salem,” as played by the lovely Sal Stowers, fans are clamoring for an onscreen reunion between mother and daughter.  We shall see!

(Pictured, Marilyn with James Reynolds mid-80’s; Marilyn meets Sal Stowers, this past Thanksgiving eve, LA Mission) And remember, we celebrate Billy’s birthday on June 26! Just in per MarBill’s Management:  “Our friends at SiriusXM recorded Marilyn & Billy’s latest Soul Train Cruise performance along with a sit-down interview, which will air on Sunday, June 17 (Father’s Day) at 6pm EST on Channel 49–Soul Town.”



Florence LaRue and The 5th Dimension simply sell-out wherever they tour! The family-oriented, ever sparkling Champagne Soul magic never ends with the vibrant Ms. LaRue in the lead–our “Delightful Diva” makes sure each show brings authentic harmonies, eye-catching costumes & choreography, warm patter, audience participation, and ALL the many, many hits! Check out the group’s constantly-building touring schedule for ’18 at this link and remember, tix sell-out quickly! Just in! Huge congratulations to Florence & The 5th Dimension for their outdoor concert performance in front of 10,000-plus fans on Sat. June 9 at the Manalapan, New Jersey festival! The group always looks forward to seeing YOU, the special fans:



Available at Amazon!

LaMonte…besides doing media in promotion of his popular 2nd edition memoir, “From Hobo Flats to The 5th Dimension” and his “viral hit” for world peace, “Cease Fire”…playing softball daily…and snapping the most candid yet professional photos wherever he goes…Mac’s passion is traveling the world with his lovely wife Mieko. Recent forays have seen Mac & Mieko in India, the Holy Land, and visiting Japan. LaMonte shares, “The Holy Land is my all-time favorite…the peace of God and His spirit of unconditional love was palpable, it fills my heart…forever.”  Mieko adds, “I wanted LaMonte to see Japan…where I grew up. There have been many changes but family and friends endure.” With a “Right on,” a truly touched Mac wants to thank all the fans for their continued enthusiasm. In fact, LaMonte’s cherished mother who we are all welcomed to call “Mama June,” celebrated her 104th birthday on June 3rd! The outpouring of messages from fans, friends and family was truly a thing to behold on Mac’s Facebook page!

104 money

LaMonte, Mieko and adorable Mama June…104 years young!

Oh, and Mr. McLemore has a new dance tune…Ms. “Fanny Fine” is coming your way any day…details will be added here!


50 Years! June is known as #BlackMusicMonth and we close this edition by honoring a 5 decade milestone! June ’68 marked the single release of #StonedSoulPicnic, bringing #TheOriginal5thDimension R&B chart success as they made Platinum with the genius of #LauraNyro. In that legacy tune’s joyful spirit, let’s all “surry” til the next time we meet!  –Robert-Allan Arno 

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A Stellar Marilyn & Billy Honor Dionne Warwick at Heartwarming Event

A Forever 5th Dimension Exclusive Review by Robert-Allan Arno

KC 2

Marilyn & Billy (also on the big screen) are joined by Darlene Love and Russell Thompkins, Jr. & the new Stylistics, giving a “Then Came You” musical homage to Dionne Warwick

The City of Brotherly Love became even more enchanting than its usual likeable self as the prestigious Marion Anderson Award–reflecting the historically celebrated essence of the trailblazing African American contralto–was given to Dionne Warwick at the spectacular Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, Philadelphia on Tuesday, November 14. And there to honor the Songstress of Smooth were recording impresario Clive Davis, local radio legend Jerry Blavat as MC, the powerful Darlene Love, the sentimentally soulful Russell Thompkins Jr. & the new Stylistics, and our very own Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr.

KC 6Introduced by Blavat with a cute, “Do you remember that beautiful girl from The 5th Dimension and her handsome boyfriend,” it wasn’t too far of a stretch as the eternally youthful Marilyn & Billy–now married 48 years–entered the cavernous hall with a rousing “Up-Up and Away.” Followed by “You Don’t Have to Be a Star,” and an ovation-inducing “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In,” the duo made timeless tunes seem all the more age-proof with their pristine notes and energetic verve.  Indeed, McCoo delivered rich tones and scaled her trademark highs while Davis was at his “crystalline crisp” R&B best, not to mention presenting it all with welcomed agile “MarBill” dance moves n’ grooves.

KC 9A sleekly gowned Marilyn emoted, “We find Dionne Warwick to be one of our greatest contemporaries,” while the debonair Billy added, “If we’re appearing in the same town, we never miss a chance to see her.” Marilyn then shared with a confidential air, “When The 5th Dimension was planning its second TV special, we asked Dionne to be our guest, and we couldn’t believe she accepted! The songs that Florence (LaRue) and I performed with Dionne…I can’t tell you how much we learned from her.” Dionne nowIn response, Miss Warwick was beaming from her royal box seat. “Dionne, this one’s just for you,” Billy introduced as the strains of “I Know I’ll Never Love this Way Again” began. Turning Lady W’s hit into a classic “MarBill” duet for the occasion was a stroke of genius, with kudos going to Music Director, Darrell AlstonKC 10

At the backstage hospitality suite, Marilyn mentioned to me about their final song choice, “We wanted to do something special for this event.” I noted, “This could have been on THE MANY FACES OF LOVE project.” Marilyn and Billy responded simultaneously, “We thought of that and may just continue including it in our current shows!” It was much fun to visit with the ingratiating twosome trading all sorts of endearing stories…also joining were eternal fans Susie Paige, Cynthia Malachi White, plus (pictured) Philly musician Samadhi X Koamane and his brother Nemon who presented Marilyn with a one-of-a-kind piece from his jewelry line of “wearable art.” Before our final hugs, Marilyn and Billy mentioned, “Please tell everyone we look forward to seeing them next on the Colors of Christmas tour!”

Backstage Visit, l to r: Koamane, Billy, Robert, Marilyn and Nemon

colorsFor more information about the Colors of Christmas tour, Dec. 3-17:  https://www.thecolorsofchristmas.com/

Enjoy Marilyn & Florence with Dionne in “She’s A Lady”:  https://youtu.be/gcvM7RGJWKs

Marilyn & Florence trade hits with Dionne–“Up-Up and Away,” “Save the Country,” “Sweet Blindness,” “Do You Know the Way to San Jose,” “Walk on By,” “I Say a Little Prayer,” “I’ll Never Fall in Love Again,”– watch here:  https://youtu.be/D7RK_15gecM

“Like” Marilyn & Billy’s Official FB page, follow them on Twitter @mccoodavis or visit them at:  http://www.mccoodavis,com

KC 3

Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr. with their Social Media representative & biographer of The Original 5th Dimension, Robert-Allan Arno

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An Exciting Fall & Holiday Season!

new marbill don' likeWelcome to the Fall & Holiday season, FOREVER 5TH-style! What an exciting time for our favorite stars! We unveiled our “Marilyn & Billy’s Living Room” feature– your questions answered by our dynamic duo, Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr., right here at the blog on Marilyn’s birthday, Sept. 30 to a record number of visitors!

On Saturday Nov 11, music legends McCoo & Davis, Jr. will be hosting the AMG (*Artist Music Guild) Heritage Awards ’17 in salute of the arts, with other legacy artists like The Coasters, Lloyd Price, Terri Gibbs, more! By the way, the show will be televised! DionneThen Marilyn & Billy honor Miss Dionne Warwick as she receives the prestigious Marian Anderson Award at the Kimmel Center, Philadelphia on Tues. Nov 14, 8pm!  Limited Seats!–for tickets, go here:  http://www.box-officetickets.com/Events/Adult-Contemporary-Tickets/2017-Marian-Anderson-Awards/2430680

colorsAnd don’t forget, “MarBill” star in the Colors of Christmas Tour, coming to a town near you Dec 3-17th! For locations, go here:  https://www.thecolorsofchristmas.com/


Florence LaRue & The 5th Dimension (Patrice, Willie, Leonard & Floyd) embark on a special residency: “Andy Williams Christmas Extravaganza Starring The 5th Dimension” at The Andy Williams Performing Arts Center/Moon River Theatre in Branson from Nov 1 thru Nov 18. Jimmy Osmond hosts the festivities.

Jimmy Osmond

Florence LaRue & The 5th Dimension with Jimmy Osmond

For “Christmas Extravaganza” tickets & details, go here:  http://www.andywilliamspac.com/christmas-extravaganza-starring-5th-dimension.html


And founder of The 5th Dimension, the ever dapper LaMonte McLemore, accepted a Lifetime Achievement Award at The Dream Awards in Las Vegas on Sun. Oct 22!

  lamonte mac final final finalEXCLUSIVE! Watch the official induction video, produced by The Soul of The Voice, Ltd. and announced by yours truly, Mac’s biographer, here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYbbYrKrH5E&t=6s

Mac is also promoting his new sweet-Soul dance tune, IF I COULD FALL IN LOVE!

Aren’t we lucky and blessed that our favorite “original” stars of The 5th Dimension are still as vibrant as ever! —Robert-Allan Arno


Visit Marilyn & Billy at their Facebook page–Official, on Twitter @mccoodavis or at http://www.mccoodavis.com

Enjoy Florence LaRue’s updated website at http://www.florencelarue.com

Check out LaMonte McLemore on Twitter @lamontemclemore, or on Facebook

Go to CD Baby right now, to hear a sample of & purchase for download LaMonte’s new sweet-Soul, harmonic dance tune, I WISH I COULD FALL IN LOVE at this link:


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Marilyn & Billy: Valentines in Vegas

Feb 11 & 12, 2017 marked the 3rd consecutive yearly Valentine’s Day weekend concert appearance of “First Couple of Pop n’ Soul,” Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr. at the Orleans Casino Hotel in Las Vegas. Their “Up, Up & Away” extravaganza with superb musicians under the direction of Darrell Alston, including singers Cydney Davis, Andre Carthen and Cynthia Bass was not only sold-out but an enthralling standing O success.


McCoo & Davis with talented musicians & singers bring “Up, Up & Away” extravaganza to Vegas, Valentine’s weekend


LaMonte McLemore with fan, Jonathan Weitz

Attending was founder and original member of The 5th Dimension, LaMonte McLemore who declared, “Marilyn and Billy never rest on their laurels…their show was fabulous!” And special fans were there in full force like Andy Gard, Jonathan Weitz, and the ever observant DeniseRose Torres who brings us this exciting collage of onstage photos to behold!  Enjoy!  –Robert-Allan Arno

(copyright ’17, Forever 5th Dimension, a production of The Soul of The Voice, Ltd., intellectual property, all rights reserved)

Marilyn & Billy, all smiles as they take in a standing O & take a graceful bow…


Courtesy Jonathan Weitz

Visit McCoo & Davis Official on Facebook or at:  http://www.mccoodavis.com